Wednesday, September 18, 2013

At the Track: Things You May Not Have Known About NHMS

It often amazes me what you can learn about the inner workings of massive venues like NASCAR tracks when you arrive a few days early.  Like, did you know you can wander around the facility for free if you arrive on Monday or Tuesday?  Just stay out of the way of all the vendors getting the place ready for the 100,000 screaming fans!

See the little tether at the top of the number 1?  It's there because a few years ago the bolts on the numbers (which help the drivers count down to the entry of the corner) failed and the tin number became a piece of "debris" during the race. 

 JUST PAINTED!  The guys were finishing up as we walked up.  The start/finish line is all bright and shiny for Sunday's race!

Did you know? Every Styrofoam piece of the SAFER barrier has these numbers on them...what for? Date of manufacture. Some pieces are dated from 2010. Most of the new ones are in the corners.  Guess where we have all the wrecks at NHMS?

Unlike some other tracks (Martinsville!) the grass does not get painted green in New Hampshire. We only paint on the logos.


  1. Looks like you're having a good time there already. Enjoy it for me. Let's hope for a win for Jeff!

  2. Hoping! Hauler parade is at 6pm tonight :)